Apple iPhone 4 User Manual Guide

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Apple iPhone 4 User Manual Guide
Apple iPhone 4 User Manual Guide
Design :
iPhone 4 feels a bit 'stiff' than the previous series. But the body is thinner (9.3 mm) than the iPhone 3Gs (12.3 mm). iPhone 4G is also more slender (width 58.6 mm), compared to the iPhone 3Gs is 62.1 mm wide. For weight, the iPhone 4 2 grams heavier than the iPhone 3Gs. Front and rear side of the phone is covered by Apple's glass panels are stronger and more scratch resistant.

Same as the previous series, the iPhone 4 is decorated a little 'ornaments'. Such as flat port, to insert the data cable and charger, which is on the lower body and flanked by two speakers. Then there is a hole 3.5 mm Jack (headset) and the power button on the top side. On the left side pinned buttons: Volume and Silent. SIM card slot is located on the outside of the right side of the body. How to insert the SIM card with small holes punched in the lid using a simcard slot needle, then place the SIM card will come out. Do not forget the Home button (below the screen) that characterizes the iPhone.

Same with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 is also a capacitive touch screen TFT 16 million colors, 3.5 inches. But the iPhone 4 display screen is much sharper, with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels. So call it the iPhone display 'Retina'. This screen adopts the same technology as the iPad, the IPS (In Plane Switching) to display a wider angle.

Note :
Type Port flat aft feels exclusive, since no other mobile phone use. iPhone 4 uses a micro SIM card type (smaller than normal SIM cards), and the new XL has.

Features :
Differences with the iPhone 3Gs 3 Mpix camera, rear camera on the iPhone 4 body quality 5 MP camera plus flash. The camera has autofocus, but can also focus manually, by tapping (tap) on the object image on the screen in any position. Part in focus will be automatically added Exposure and brigthness, to be more sharp.

One new feature that brought the iPhone 4 is a secondary VGA camera is displayed at the top of the screen. Indeed this camera for video calls, but in fact can take pictures and record video. Video call service on the iPhone 4 called Face Time. How to use it is to tap on the Contact name, then tap the FaceTime button.

iPhone 4 supports all Internet paths, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA (7.2 Mbps), HSUPA (5.76 Mbps) up to WiFi. Mengandalan Safari browser for browsing the zoom can autorotate, or in-Zoom In / Out by double-tap or pinch. Safari has a Fraud Warning feature that when activated can restrict access to the site for the children. Sites that are frequently accessed, can be made the icon on the homescreen. Also provided the Facebook icon, Google Search, Skype, YouTube and others. When trying to open Facebook, can refresh just by shaking the phone.

Note :
Can video call via WiFi between the members of the iPhone 4. Two viewfinder video call, one size fullscreen and only a small box in the lower left corner of the screen.

Performance :
IPhone 4 didukung performance 1 GHz A4 processor and iOS 4 operating system which makes access a variety of features that are felt quickly. Ability multitaskingnya also not interfere with the performance of this phone at all. But then again, when gripped body is not as comfortable as its predecessor the iPhone 4.

Battery Performance :
Steve Jobs claims the iPhone 4 battery can last for 14 hours of talk, 6 hours of browsing via 3G, 10 hours of browsing via WiFi, 10 hours of video playing, 40 hours playing music and 300 hours of standby. When using the various features, the iPhone 4 battery can last all day.

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