Nokia x2-02 Manual Guide Pdf

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Nokia  x2-02 Manual Guide Pdf
Design :
Design The Nokia X2-02 passing just like the Nokia X1-01. variations in air-SIM music phone twin is found on the aspect that appears a lot of solid. conjointly on the rear of Nokia X2-02 there area unit 2 MP camera sensing element moreover as totally different styles of speakers. once viewed in terms of dimensions, the Nokia X2-02 telephone set has dimensions of 113 millimetre long, 5 cm wide and 15 millimetre thick and weighs solely 71 grams lighter.

Nokia  x2-02 Manual Guide Pdf

Nokia  x2-02

Dual SIM technology is exclusive during this series, as a result of it comes simple swap operate that may modification the SIM card within the second slot while not having to restart the phone. could be a strange demand, the second SIM slot SIM won't work if one doesn't exist or isn't active. Special SIM 1, settled behind the battery.

Designed as a music phone may be seen clearly by the presence of dedicated music keys. Internal Storage may be aforesaid isn't provided. however Nokia offers microSD kind memory card slot that may be stuffed with up to 32GB capability. so users will store and play thousands of songs. The slot is found on the outer frame, that the microSD may be inserted and take away at can while not the necessity to kill the telephone signal.

The body is shiny plastic with numerous colours like black, red, and blue. character set computer keyboard and trackpad input four-way wrench venture into mobile code. Supported keys are giant size, enable users to try and do the typewriting.

Note :
SIM 2 SIM doesn't work while not the presence of 1

Features :
As a music phone, the most ammunition lies in client satisfaction in enjoying the song. so as to deliver the most effective expertise, the music player on the X2-02 comes with equalizer options that may be designed in keeping with user preferences. Body speakers settled at rock bottom of the rear, sounds terribly clear and powerful. Nokia X2-02 will play a range of music file formats like Mp3, Wav, wma, aac + up. whereas the video player might gobble Mp4 format files, wmv, and H.263.

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In addition to enjoying the song files on the memory card, the owner of X2-02 conjointly might hear his favorite radio broadcasts, and even record it. Amazingly, this series is provided with an interior antenna, therefore no got to enter to listen to a earset favorite announcer voice. different options provided area unit Play via Radio, that plays songs on the SIM into a mobile system with frequency in an exceedingly method likened Nokia X2-02 mobile radios.

Without the presence of light-emitting diode flash, 2 MP sensing element camera with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels solely turn out normal quality photos. The camera is additionally able to record video with VGA resolution.

Homescreen conferred during this variant the operator jaringa indicator, clock, date, among 5 items of shortcuts that may be bespoken. The menu is conferred resembles the Nokia Asha 200, Symbian icons like anna. though classified as medium-sized itinerant, Nokia X2-02 can also be loaded with applications obtainable in Nokia stores. Default application that's already embedded Nokia Life tools, photos, store, and games.

Note :
Games that are put in into the present variant Cuty Bloxx, Bounce tales, and Diamond rush.

Performance :
Although the phase entrance music, Nokia doesn't essentially ignore the booming web epidemic in adolescent users. there's no free selection of path alias wifi, X2-02 homeowners will solely surf through official channels operator. though restricted to GPRS, surf on this model quite well. Nokia Browser with the most recent technology that's claimed to compress information up to 90 %, creating the net late during this series is a lot of light-weight and economical pulse course.

Access connections provided by Nokia during this series within the kind of Bluetooth, and small USB information cable varieties. equipped by the battery capability 1020 mAh. Nokia claims, with these quantities, Nokia X2-02 will last up to 18 days standby and speak time up to 9.7 hours.

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