Acer Liquid C1 Manual User Guide

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Acer Liquid C1 Manual User Guide

Acer Liquid C1

Acer Liquid C1 Manual User GuideAcer Liquid android smartphone C1 is one made by Taiwan's electronics manufacturers Acer. This smart mobile phones including the latest android mobile phones where the phone was released in March of 2013 after earlier announced in January 2013. Fall into the category of the middle class with a price of over two million dollars.

Unlike most android phones is generally that use processors from qualcom or MTK, smarphone has been sailing these IPS brings artificial intel processors, the intel atom. A name of the processor is generally present on the netbook, but of course the processor for Smartphones has been disesuaika in such a way so that it can run on Smartphones.
  • Acer Liquid C1 HSDPA 3 g network has endorsed that offer fast internet access in areas that support 3 g, but if there are in the area that this mobile phone also supports EDGE and GRPS
  • The size of the phone is not too big IE 127,3 x 65,5 x 10 mm, with a weight of 140 grams cukupan
  • The viewer visually using capacitive touch screen that has been supporting the IPS technology
  • Memory Size: 4.3, with the size of this user quite freely in the menavigasilayar,
  • A high enough screen resolution: 540 x 960 pixels with a pixel density. 256 ppi
  • Adanys slot microSD type external, storage, so users could upgrade the capacity to store up to 32 GB
  • Memory internal storage capacity i.e. 4 GB
  • There is a wifi hotspot features, so that users can access the internet via wifi and can also share the internet connection with other devices that support wifi feature
  • Any bleutooth
  • 8 mp camera with the maximum resolution 8 mp, equipped with autofocus and led flash lights
  • There is a front camera, vga only type namuan
  • The kitchen runway using an Intel Atom processor, processor speed Z2420 offers performance that is above average. So was able to do a good processing
  • Graphics performance using GPU PowerVR SGX 540, capable of presenting a good graphical display,
  • Large ram capacity is 1 GB, so multitasking activities so more convenient compared to the size of the underneath
  • The GPS feature that supports A-GPS, with this feature users can know exactly the location point
  • The battery capacity that is above the average of 2000 mAh, battery life is pretty frugal. For talk time is capable of up to 9 hours.

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Acer Liquid C1 Manual User Guide :

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