Acer Liquid Z3 Manual User Guide

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Acer Liquid Z3 Manual User Guide

Acer Liquid Z3

Acer Liquid Z3 Manual User GuideAcer Liquid Z3 is one of the latest android smartphone from acer, he announced in August 2013, then recently released officially in September 2013, while for Indonesia's own emerging market in October. 

Acer Liquid Z3 has a dimension that is not great, aka pretty petite. The flagship feature of this is the existence of affordable android support dual GSM, processors that have been carrying the dual core and the audio is supported with the latest DTS. To find out what belongs to the Acer Liquid variants, please refer to the merits and demerits Acer Liquid Z3 specifications or features based on the below: 3g network HSDPA support which offers fast internet access in the region of the tercover 3 g signals. For outstanding derah 3 g, can remain connected to the internet with GPRS and EDGE.

  • Provides two GSM sim slot, fruit so it can turn two cards at once, both the sim 3 g support, but to use it cannot at the same time.
  • The size is pretty compact, so that it takes up a lot of space in the pockets of clothing, namely 109 x 60 x 11.9 mm
  • Screen resolution which is quite reasonable for a 3.5-inch screen, landscape with the density of the PPi is only IE 165 PPI
  • Memory internal storage capacity i.e. 4 GB the presence of external storage types microSD slot, with this slot can increase user capacity save up to 32 GB
  • Have been using the latest operating system, namely Android Jelly Bean version 4.2, which is compatible with many applications in the playstore,
  • The kitchen runway using a dual core processor with 1 Ghz speed
  • The presence of FM radio features, so that users can listen to the news broadcast of his favourite radio station
  • The bluetooth feature version 3 can do its transfer data quickly and easily the GPS feature that supports A-GPS, with this the user can know the location when doing point mapping
  • The tekologi DTS audio supported so as to be better
  • There is a wifi hotspot feature so that it can access the internet via wifi, and can also share the internet connection with another device that has wifi.

Acer Liquid Z3 Manual User Guide : Download Pdf

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Acer Liquid Z3 Manual User Guide :

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