Samsung Ativ Smart PC Guide User Manual

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Samsung Ativ Smart PC
Samsung Ativ Smart PC Guide User Manual
Design :
samsung pc carrying Ativ smart hybrid or convertible tablet plans, which can be turned into benefits just plugging into the laptop in the docking keyboard. reminiscent of the Asus tablet that also has the same plan on wearing Transformers series. difference, Ativ smart pc has a bigger screen which is 11. 6 inches. despite having a relatively large screen tablet to something, the weight remains Ativ easy, just 744 grams. in terms of design, this tablet looks luxurious with a sturdy construction.

11 tablet-sized display. Wear 6 inch hd led display type with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. technology use 5-finger multi-touch pinch to add interactivity like so large, rotating images, scroll the page with ease while enjoying entertainment applications. with the general quality of the screen is quite good. especially with the appearance of the modern Windows 8 interface with tiles like in windows phone 8 to look brighter, the top of the body or over the samsung logo, filled with lots of benefits. including audio jack 3. 5mm, microphone, on / off button, microUSB port, microSD slot and SIM card slot.

Note :
no "home" s pen at the lower left rear body.

Tablet-laptop has a sim card slot for GSM operators to be able to access high speed internet at HSDPA track. besides that, there is wifi for alternative connections. no internet explorer 10 applications as the default browser windows 8 operating system. browser looks more minimalist appearance in the appeal in the first version, the box is at the website address below.

Samsung camera insert with a high enough resolution to something tablet. The main camera of 8MP with optimal resolution of 3264x2448 pixels and 2MP secondary camera. quality for outdoor pictures look good, but when tested in the room remains high noise. Unfortunately, the interface is quite simple camera application with minimalistic features. indeed, there is a camera application with an interface in the s gallery added good, but when the road can not be tried.

Excellent features available in samsung galaxy note also apparently put in to this tablet. on pc there's Ativ smart pen is a real pen is tapered like a very precise due to having reached 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. This means that you can not scratch much thinner or thicker not just set how strong you choke the s pen to the screen.

Samsung Ativ s got uniqueness, ie the user can remove or put the display 11. inches from the keyboard dock could contribute to the laptop and tablet. This is because on the screen with a keyboard linked by magnetic to easily removable.

Among the new features in Windows 8 that favored the people hub. Again this feature take on the version of windows phone. people hub on the principle that contact list with more feature rich integrated due to a variety of internet-based service, like windows live, outlook, google, facebook, twitter, and so on. from a contact, you can immediately send an e-mail, write on wall facebook, twitter mentions, see photo, and so on. moreover, if the user has a Skype account, users can immediately do a video or voice call for free.

Note :
People contact list alphabet-shaped hub, sayangya no search menu so as to get a specific contact to the right must wipe the screen with constantly.

Tablet browsing experience with the site was really fun because of the large screen. more interactive navigation may soon be put on the finger because, touchpad on the keyboard, or mouse.

Ativ smart samsung pc intel atom processor z2760 wear. 8ghz latest generation (clover trail), supported 2gb ram memory and a 64GB SSD. many applications all the time trying to take a loss in performance, especially when driven quite heavy applications. but time to move apps one-by-one, performance is quite good.

When processor performance is nothing special, just dazzling battery performance. tablet can last 10 hours for normal usage like working with office applications, searching, listening to music, see movies, and so on. up when used for work seharuan, users no longer need to carry the charger cable.

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