LG E960 Nexus 4 User Manual Guide

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LG E960 Nexus 4 User Manual Guide
Design :
Seen with blinders on, not having nexus 4 looks brilliant. design is too plain. front surface of the glass composition dominated by single-piece. between the two there is a curvy matte plastic. front side not ridden a physical button or product logo. glass arch body met in the coastal edge of the circular chrome effect makes it look attractive. rear side glass is also coated moreover looks more attractive with the added sparkle effect.

LG E960 Nexus 4 User Manual Guide


LG E960 Nexus 4

Thickness reached 9, 1mm and 134mm in length and 69mm width. on that dimension, nexus 4 chubby little more in the appeal s iii, as well as in the appeal fatter iphone 5.

In the long coastal body, there is the power button, the volume, headphone jack 3, 5mm and a micro-USB port to charge and transfer data. unfortunately the user can not add memory capacity due to not put microSD slot. you can specify the nexus 4 8gb or 16gb version, without expansion.

Looks smart on paper, but not with the physical. when gripped nexus 4 feel more vulnerable in a more expensive phone appeal. the side of the plastic material does not have a solid impression. but the arrangement of the windshield is made of corning gorilla glass 2, which is claimed to be more resilient while avoiding scratches and damage.

Note :
There's no external memory slot, and the battery can not be removed.

Features :
Time turning on the phone, the screen displays bright and sharp images. thanks to the high resolution, image or video looks very stunning on screen and simple text make it a contrast. diagonal screen 4, 7 inches with a resolution of 1280 pixels 768 times superior to the s iii. several thousand pixels can be displayed with sharp. Text looks very clean, make reading a long period in the browser the site, not exhausting. see video hd quality so optimal pleasure.

Nexus 4 drive the latest version of the Google operating system, android 4. 2 jelly bean. interface is the same as in the first version of the jelly bean, but brings new features countless shortcut on the notification bar, gps navigation turn-by-turn, as well as variations tweak (internal applications) to another.

The biggest change is in the camera software. photo sphere is very likely you shoot 360-degree, street view-style, or appearance of something bird's-eye view on the computer. ubahing built-in software is very possible to make your own mini planet painting. like giving a variety of filters and tweak the effects to any image.

Notification bar similar to the jelly bean at first, showing detailed information of an existing event, e-mail, and text messages, to be able to know whether this is worth reading now or later only. Google adds extra section that can be connected to the menu flash wifi, bluetooth, and screen brightness. jelly bean offer navigation turn-by-turn, very useful for those of you who often 'stray' melancong time.

Board contains Swype feature. phone may guess the words you write will move your fingers above the keyboard without lifting your finger from the screen. if you are not the only types who like typing on a touchscreen, then this can be very helpful. when it becomes a habit, Swype can be faster than the conventional method of writing.

No lens on the back along with the LED flash 8 Mpix. for regular shots, finally very good and clear. but still less than the galaxy s iii, iphone 5, lumia 920, as well as galaxy camera. The main pleasure in the benefits of a camera that is google giving some additional features, including photo sphere. on the benefits landscape, users can capture a 360-degree circle, encircling the entire way. you can use many other photographic applications scattered in play store. but with a feature-rich manufacturer, it seems you do not need the help of other applications.

Performance :
riveting quad-core chip speed, 5GHz combined with 2gb ram. nexus 4 presents a very simple three-dimensional content without going broke. edit pictures so easy to work nexus 4, as well as play 3D games very smoothly without a hiccup.

Within the existing framework of chunky nexus 4 2100 mah battery capacity. capacity with existing galaxy s iii, as did the level of performance. on intensive use (send-receive messages, using gps tracking, and searching websites on wifi and 3g networks), the battery drop to 70% in 2, 5 hours. Unfortunately, the battery on nexus 4 can not be tampered with, can not be removed. but with a special rear panel, nexus 4 to wireless charging with charging accessories when you have a pad.

Nexus 4 offer the ability riveting, brilliant screen, fun android os up to date, and banderolnya affordable. weaknesses exist in the storage area can not be expanded, and the battery can not be replaced.

Google is indeed a pity that this latest device does not give support 4g network. but it is understandable because few operators that provide fixed 4g network, especially in the homeland. you can specify the internal memory of 8gb or 16gb. lg mobile Indonesia has opened pre-orders for both of them since the beginning of January last, but do not know when it can be sold officially.

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