Polytron W2400 User Manual Guide

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Polytron W2400 User Manual Guide - Polytron W2400 is one Hp Type Wizard, and included in the series of Android-based Polytron, Polytron W2400 smartphone is kind of a cheap but has a variety of interesting features, with the Android operating system based on OS 2.3.6, and given W2400 Hp Polytron name, which is part of the Wizard Series phones. 

Polytron W2400 User Manual Guide

Polytron W2400 User Manual Guide

Polytron W2400

Polytron W2400 has two types : first camera with VGA resolution camera on the front and a 5MP main camera on the back of the phone. The main camera features auto focus and has the ability to take important pictures that you want. Polytron W2400 is also supported by features such as MP3/MP4 music player with FM radio. The resulting sound can be heard as well by connecting speakers and 2.5 mm audio cable to the phone.

Polytron W2400 smartphone using IPS touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. With a 4.0-inch wide screen will certainly make users comfortable and happy to play games or watch a favorite video. Internet browsing was pleasant thanks to the multi-touch technology.

Polytron is a smartphone made by a network of dual network Dual band GSM (850/1800 MHz) frequency which can be used simultaneously and allows us to use 2 SIM Cards at the same time without having to replace the phone. Because the system is based on the Android opreasi flagship Android features like Google maps, Gmail, Android Market, as well as various social networking sites and also included as a complementary feature that gives satisfaction to the users. Sorry not yet pdf....

Polytron W2400 User Manual Guide : Download Pdf

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Polytron W2400 User Manual Guide :

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