Lenovo A125 User Manual Guide

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Lenovo A125 User Manual Guide - Lenovo A125 is a classic mobile phone that comes with a body made of plastic material that dominated the paint matte black color. 

Lenovo A125 User Manual Guide


Lenovo A125

At the bottom of the phone there is a miniUSB port that also doubles as a charger and has a 3.5 mm audio connector.

Lenovo A125 has a screen size looks wide, leaving little space for the keypad. But this does not mean the phone keypad is too small to use. In addition to standard numeric keypad, this phone has a four-way navigation button. All the little notched so as to make comfortable when typing.

Lenovo A125 is a VGA camera, FM radio with 30 channel storage limit, melody makers and WAP browser. Although fairly complete multimedia features, but instead limited memory availability. Internal memory is only 250 kb, to be able to use these features we have to use a MicroSD memory card.

The camera can not be used to produce images that really clear. But still reliable for documentation of some important moments. In addition to supporting facilities also tiidak the kind of setting the contrast, brightness and white balance. But still there are effects, night mode and zoom to help optimize image results.

Network with automatic settings very easy for every user to surf the virtual world. This feature can automatically read the internet and setting up parameters in accordance with the service that we use. 

While still using the WAP browser but the quality is quite quality, durability and performance of the phone is quite good and comparable to other brand phones. 

Lenovo A125 User Manual Guide :  Download Pdf

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Lenovo A125 User Manual Guide :

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