Samsung Ativ XE500T1C-H02ID User Manual Guide

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Samsung Ativ XE500T1C-H02ID Smart PC  User Manual Guide - Samsung Ativ Smart PC that accommodate the requirements of the 2 devices. product supported the Windows 8 operating system combines the sophistication of laptops and also the convenience of a tablet. you'll currently do the heavy computing work like making documents or displays with laptop practicality, or use a tablet to pay attention to songs, browse the internet or watch videos. 

Samsung Ativ XE500T1C-H02ID User Manual Guide

Samsung Ativ XE500T1C-H02ID User Manual Guide

Samsung Ativ XE500T1C-H02ID

Samsung Ativ smart pc consists of 2 elements, namely a pill that functions as well because the screen size of eleven.6 "and a keyboard dock that may be simply connected by magnetic. With Samsung Ativ smart pc, your quality won't interfere with optimum performance.

Revolutionary design :

Samsung re-create product with a revolutionary style. Samsung Ativ smart pc may be a tablet that's equipped with a keyboard dock or board that if the tablet is paired with a keyboard then it'll have the design and performance as a notebook. to attach the tablet to the keyboard there's a magnetic board therefore it are often simply removed once you wish to plug it in and use it as a notebook or tablet. With a design that supports portability is actually aiming to support you, the professionals who have high quality.

HD display 11.6 "Multi-touch :

Samsung Ativ smart pc screen measurement 11.6 supported resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio and 400 nit light. With this HD quality screen, you'll well watch videos or perform alternative computing functions well with tablet or notebook. Operation is expedited by the ability to multi-touch as well because the S-Pen that has previously been introduced in prosuk Samsung Galaxy Note. With the multi-touch capabilities, multi-screen will answer up to 10 finger touches together with pinch (pinch), rotate pictures, or replace the screen. Meanwhile, with its S Pen has 1024 levels of sensitivity of the touch purpose, enable you to form text and pictures.

Optimal Performance :

Samsung Ativ smart pc is provided with Intel Atom Z2760 at 1.8 GHz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM and Intel GMA graphics memory that permits you to simply perform multitasking. Equipped with 64 GB SSD storage memory, supplying you with ample house to store a range of your vital knowledge. Not solely that, sensible computer is additionally supported with the 8-megapixel rear camera and a couple of megapixel front camera with image quality that adds to the charming attract of this product. To support all of the above, the battery will last up to 13.5 hours long.

Keyboard and Touchpad :

To support the process work that's a lot of convenient, you'll combine this hybrid pill to the keyboard dock. Roll enough distance between the keyboard therefore on facilitate and minimize typewriting errors. Touchpad conjointly supports quite one finger touch is even easier operation. On the keyboard dock, equipped with a USB 2.0 port therefore you'll connect with a range of alternative digital devices with ease and port charger. So, if your tablet battery is reduced, once you attach the tablet to the keyboard dock it'll mechanically be charged the tablet battery.

Connectivity without Limits :

For business connectivity, Samsung Ativ smart pc is provided with a whole vary of connections to support high quality. there's a GSM SIM slot for 3G and 4G network support, external microSD slot, 1 USB 2.0, 3.5 mm audio jack, and a mini HDMI slot. To support wireless property, equipped with wireless local area network helps you to simply hook up with the web in hotspot areas.

Function S-Note :

S-Note With this function, a similar because it has been found on the Samsung Galaxy Note, you'll simply take notes, draw or otherwise use the S-Pen input for coming into text. This input are often either text or handwriting once. you furthermore mght have a good choice of templates to assist manufacture of varied varieties of documents and pictures.

All Share Play :

With Samsung's All-Share feature, you'll send knowledge or photos among devices Samsung. you'll conjointly transfer the appliance Samsung (Samsung app) and app store apps in Windows Store. you'll play or send any of a range of digital devices, storage or net service wirelessly.

Windows 8 :

Samsung Ativ sensible PC-based software package for Windows 8 to support your high productivity. relish a a lot of enticing visual look, sleek performance and a sleek and enjoyable multimedia expertise with Windows 8. you'll install it simply with a range of interface choices for the use of a desktop mouse and keyboard as classic and touch capabilities.

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