LG Optimus L7 P700 User Manual Guide

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 LG Optimus L7 P700 User Manual Guide

LG Optimus L7 P700 User Manual Guide

LG Optimus L7 P700

LG Optimus L7 P700 User Manual Guide - LG P700 Optimus L7 is the type that has a type of smartphone choice of 2 colors: black and white. 

With L-Style design, this Android smartphone looks elegant especially for the color black. Metallic corners colored designs decorate this smartphone. And with a thickness of 8 mm This smartphone can be quite thin.

LG P700 Optimus L7 has a price, but the price is quite cheap in the mobile class, with excellent features offered, the 4.3-inch IPS LCD screen WVGA (800x480) with Gorilla Glass, a thickness of only 8.7 mm, 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash, as well as the Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is supported by a Cortex A5 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 1700 mAh battery.

With the L Series design and glossy white color on the front, and on the side adorned with metallic list that gives the impression of a premium. Metallic list also meets the top of the phone. Phone sharp corners at the top and slightly curved at the bottom. On the front there is a Home button which is surrounded by capacitive Back and Option buttons. While at the front VGA camera, proximity sensor at the top.

LG Optimus L7 P700 Optimus has a screen size of 4.3 inch L7 is the ideal size for an Android smartphone to the upper middle class. In addition, the surface of the screen is coated with Gorilla Glass, so no need to worry about the threat of scratches on the screen.

LG Optimus L7 P700  : Download Manual Guide

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