Mito A355 User Manual Guide

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Mito A355 User Manual Guide

Mito A355

Mito A355 User Manual Guide - Mito A355 is the latest android smartphone made ​​in one of the local producers Indonesia is Mito . Specification it offers quite tempting , these 5.3 sail smartphone is powered by the powerful Quad core processor . 

In addition to high-performance processor , the smartphone which was released in June 2013 was also carrying a powerful 8 mega pixel camera .

Mito A355 has a very wide screen sizes for mobile phone category is 5.3 inches , with a screen of the users will be very flexible in navigating menu android menu. Internal capacity Mito A355 high enough to lower middle category of mobile phones that is 4 GB . And Mito A355 supports 3G HSDPA network that offers fast internet access in areas with 3G network , but what when not in range of 3G , users can still access the Internet through GPRS mode and EGDE

Mito A355 also has WIFI Hotspot feature that can in addition to internet access via wifi , users also can share the connection with other devices that have wifi .

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Mito A355 User Manual Guide : Download Pdf

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Mito A355 User Manual Guide :

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