Oppo Find5 Smartphone User Manual Guide

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Oppo Find5 Smartphone User Manual Guide


Oppo Find5 Smartphone

Oppo Find5 Smartphone User Manual Guide - Oppo Find5 Smartphone which has the ability to ' superphone . ' It is characterized by segments of gadgets to support quad core processors or more . And the latest entry into the market is Oppo , global vendors directly from China is launching its flagship product to the market with a series Homeland Oppo Find 5 . Gadgets that fall into this class brings phablet unibody design . With dimensions of 141.8 x 68.8 x 8.9 mm and weighs 165 grams , Oppo Find 5 can display looks similar to the design of the Sony Xperia family .

Similarities with the Sony Xperia is not only from the view , true when touching the cover material , visible quality plastic materials are also made with high quality . Speaking of ergonomics , again like the Xperia , rear body Oppo Find 5 made ​​curved to follow the contours of the hand grip . The thickness of the body - also is ideal with 8.9 mm . Oppo Find 5 using capacitive IPS LCD screen technology with a depth of 16 million colors . Level has full HD resolution with 1920x1080 pixels . As phablet 5 inches , Oppo Find 5 screen appears with technology OGS (one glass solution) that allow anti slow response to the touch . Display panel using blue glass filter , its thickness is called 20 % percent thinner than standard LCD screens .

Still about the screen , Oppo Find 5 has the highest density of pixels in its class , the 441 ppi ( pixels per inch ) , making visual images are very sharp . To protect the screen from scratches danger , the display is equipped with coating of Corning Gorilla Glass 2 .

Now we trace the curve of the body of this smartphone , lens above the screen there is a secondary camera with 1.9 Mega pixels resolution , proximity sensor , light sensor , and earpiece . While the touchpad below the screen there are three , one each for the function key menu , home and back . Bagin shifted to the bottom again , there is a small hole for the microphone and microUSB port and charging data cable . Then refer to the section above , there is a 3.5 mm audio jack . To the left side of the body is the volume button . Then there is the opposite side of the on / off button - lock screen and a micro SIM card slot with a cross section of the system is similar to the iPhone 3Gs .

Moving to the rear ( back cover ) , with white matte material contained 13 MP main camera lens with dual flash light , a bit to the lower side there is the speaker hole . The camera and flash light chrome trim wrapped in a compelling , slightly reminiscent of the design of the camera following a flash light on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 series .

Note :

Oppo Find 5 is not equipped with an external memory slot . With Android Jelly Bean OS , the default homescreen terdaapat 5 pieces , can be expanded up to 9 pieces home page .

Oppo Find 5 Features :

The content features on Oppo Find 5 is high , in addition to powerful 1.5GHz Krait quad-core processor , there are still a variety of things that lure . The first thing worth mentioning is the camera . 13 MP primary camera ( 4128x3096 pixels ) on this smartphone has lunch menu such as auto focus , dual flash light , night mode , macro mode , white balance , effects , Kontrast , face detection , panorama , HDR ( high definition range ) , and photo editor .

That is quite phenomenal lie in the ability to record video, generally we hear the standard video recording speed between 25 to 30 fps ( frames per second ) . As with the Oppo Find 5 that can record video up to 120 fps , incredible. For the settings there is an option , which is high speed and slow motion . High speed video recording of 480p at 120 fps framerate in normal speed so that the movement of the video looks very real . While Slow motion 120 fps 480p recording in slow motion , slowed into 30fps , in other words 4 times slower . The menu includes a video capture support in a flash of light , grids , location , microphone , and HDR . Related videos , video player can serve video to 1080p full HD specification .

Although the origin made ​​by the Bamboo Curtain country , musicality so considered , Oppo Find 5 is equipped with Dolby Mobile sound technology ehancement . The music player comes with a neat category All Music , Artist , Album and Playlist . You can display lyrics , enable Dolby Mobile , as well as setting in it , such as Natural Bass , Treble and Equalizer Enhancement , which includes the genres of Pop , Classic , Rock , Jazz and so on . In addition there is an auto -stop , shake to skip , . The sound quality of the speakers are quite good and clear .
Oppo Find 5 is equipped with NFC chip (near field communication ) . NFC capabilities include scenes touch and NFC touch . Such as it is possible for you enable or disable the application on the phone simply by gadget closer to NFC sticker that is in certain areas . Connections in cellular networks already in a standard HSDPA 42 Mbps and HSUPA 5.76 Mbps . Regarding the already uses standard WiFi a / b / g / n dual band , kebisaannya include direct WiFi , DLNA , and WiFi hotspots .

Note :

In addition to support Dolby Mobile , Oppo Find 5 also embedded DiracHD sound of music technology , music player technology from Sweden which is also used by automotive manufacturers BMW , Bentley , and Rolls Royce .

 Oppo Find 5 Performance :

Kitchen runway Oppo Find 5 arguably be one of the best at this time , proseor quad core 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon chipset into interesting combinations in presenting maximum performance , plus the power that reaches 2GB RAM . As disinggu above , the density reaches 441 ppi screen becomes an important point , and it could not be separated from the support of the GPU ( graphics processor unit ) Adreno 320 . For memory , although there are up to 16/32GB internal memory , but it would be ideal if the Oppo still providing an external memory slot .

Support connectivity is complete up to the level of the NFC , microUSB just unfortunate Oppo Find 5 does not support for HDMI function . Overall performance of the smartphone that takes the iconic artist Leonardo Dicaprio is very satisfying . Oppo Find 5 is powered by Lithium ion battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh . For battery life is very dependent on the usage pattern features used . From the test results , for the use of minimal features , the battery can last about 2 days .

Oppo Find5 Smartphone User Manual Guide : Download Pdf Or Visite Support Page

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Oppo Find5 Smartphone User Manual Guide :

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