Acer Liquid Z110 Duo User Manual Guide

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Acer Liquid Z110 Duo User Manual Guide
Design :
Acer Liquid Z110 body fairly quick. The smartphone feels good when you are in the hands, not small, but not too big. Rear body cover platik dof using the coarse material. Selection of plastic abrasive material on the rear body cover, helps strengthen grip users while on the move.
His appearance is fairly elegant in her black base color. Design of the corners are made slightly oval, making this smartphone does not look stiff. Looking face, given the list a little touch of silver on the top and bottom. Overall, the physical look of the Acer Liquid Z110 fairly slick.
Comfort while exploring each facility's flagship phone, depending on the performance of the touch screen. Acer Liquid Z110 is equipped 3.5-inch touch screen. This smartphone uses capacitive touch screen type, and can be accessed for multitouch. The screen display is not too bright, the article of this phone only has a sharp 256 thousand colors. When tested, the Performance screen is quite good. With a little subtle wash, the screen is responding, switching between screens also went pretty smoothly.

Note :
Unfortunately, the smartphone does not use the concept of hotswap, install and remove the MicroSD had to turn off the gadget first.

Features :
Acer Liquid Z110 brings new Android platform 2.3 (Gingerbread). However, from the information obtained, to the front of the product can be upgraded to Android 4.0 ICS version. Acer Liquid Z110 is packed with many exciting features, typical air-OS Android phone. Available on the main menu features Gmail, Google+, Maps, Google Search, and other standard menu Android phone. If the default application that is not enough, just hunt a variety of interesting applications in app store Google Play Store. Unfortunately, for the office menu, this phone has not immerse office applications, such as Polaris Office.

Turning to the Multimedia features. In terms of photography, it is equipped 3.5 MP camera. No response when tested agile camera, there is a little pause, use your camera when shooting images in this phone. Activities taking pictures in low light conditions, should be avoided. Because, in Liquid Z110 camera is not equipped with flash lights. For the photograph fairly normal, nothing special.

For audio facilities, already available music player which can play MP3/MP4 file format. Performance audio is quite good. When playing music with maximum volume conditions, and be heard without the aid of a headset, the audio quality is not broken and soft to be heard. As an alternative means of musical entertainment, this phone is also equipped with an FM radio.

When surfing the internet, Liquid Z110 is equipped with a typical Android browser. Device connectivity this phone is complete. In addition to relying on the data network operators, this phone is also equipped with WiFi. WiFi devices can be transformed into, WiFi thetering. In the process of testing, function thetering goes well. How to activate it too easy, just go to the settings menu, then stay active thetering menu.

Note :
To activate the FM radio still need to plug the headset as an antenna.

Performance :
There is no problem when testing the performance of this phone telephony. Dual on GSM technology Liquid Z110 running smoothly. Interestingly, the first SIM card slot in this phone, can work up to HSDPA 3G speeds. While the second only a 2G SIM. Ability to work in a 3G HSDPA network, so help give a sense of comfort when browsing the internet.
Kitchen runway this phone is equipped with a processor capacity to CPU1 GHz. Performance of the processor, internal memory of 4 GB supported, and the RAM capacity of 512 MB. Specifications are pretty good. During the testing process, the performance of this phone when opening the menu mainstay fairly smoothly. Little constraint appears when you open the multitasking menu, where performance Liquid Z110 bit sluggish.

Endurance Liquid Z110, already backed battery capacity 1300 mAh Li-Po type. In the process of testing standards, the maximum mobile phone can be actively used for up to 5 hours. While for a standby, the battery was able to make Liquid Z110 awake up to 450 hours.

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