Apple iPhone 3Gs User Manual Guide

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Apple iPhone 3Gs User Manual Guide
Apple iPhone 3Gs User Manual Guide
Design :
iPhone 3GS has the shape and dimensions are nearly identical to the previous version. The placement of the buttons, a 3.5-inch screen and a SIM card slot with the iPhone 3G. The difference, in addition to 2 grams heavier, the 3GS has a coating material on the top of the screen that can minimize fingerprints (fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating).

Note :
The difference in weight is not too pronounced, 3GS screen look cleaner than the former hand touch than the iPhone 3G after testing.

Features :
3 Mega Pixel camera that can produce printed output up to 72 cm x 54 cm (at a resolution of 72 dpi) be the added attraction of the Apple phone. Although actually capable of, unfortunately Apple does not provide an option iPhone 3GS with digital zoom, self-timer, and a few others that commonly exists in the mobile class.

This is the only official Apple phone that can record video. Operation of these features together with a camera, because both are united in one application called Camera. Although the picture quality is only VGA equivalent, but with the capability of recording 30 fps (frames per second) making an iPhone 3GS captures finer movements. Interestingly, this complete recording features, Apple also provides cutter features drawings (video trimming) for editing.

Spotlight is a search feature as well as on the Mac OS X desktop version. Spotlight very easy for users to find a variety of existing data in the iPhone, ranging from contact name to the title track. The location of this application on the home screen, the main screen in the left window. Just slide the iPhone screen to the left, users will find an application that presents Spotlight stuffing box plus input sequence of characters in a typical iPhone virtual keyboard. Type in certain keywords and Spotlight will provide an alternative file is searched.

The existence of the iPhone 3.0 operating system makes all kinds of iPhone had the opportunity to increase its capabilities. Everything is now so not as difficult as before. MMS is the latest iPhone OS can be used, although the extent of the cooperation operators.

In general, the performance of the iPhone 3GS arguably satisfactory. Faster and more complete. Unfortunately the phone is still not yet fully support background processing. Practically, only one application that can run on a single occasion, except for the iPod and the alarm is still able to operate in the background.

Using lithium ion batteries (without explanation capacity) that can last up to 12 hours on 2G networks and 5 hours on 3G network of talk time and 300 hours of standby time.

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