Apple iPad 2 WiFi User Manual Guide

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Apple iPad 2 WiFi User Manual Guide
Apple iPad 2 WiFi User Manual Guide
Design :
apple remained loyal to the coated aluminum unibody design, with a total of ipad 2 is still not too much not the same as in the first generation ipad design. However, there are striking changes in the design of the taillights slightly concave. if contrived comparison with other apple product, then if the ipad bit like the shape of the iphone 4 ipad 2 iphone like 3 generations earlier. new design and material options are just not the same make ipad 2 feels more comfortable in the hands of time.

ipad 2 does not have too many hard buttons: no home button at the bottom of the screen, a power button that also acts as a screen lock at the top, plus a volume control on the right. just above the volume buttons there something that can be set as a mute button or the lock screen gravity sensor. to use the earphone ipad 2 audio ports provide 3, 5 mm at the top of this tablet. at the bottom there is a port for charging, syncing with a computer, or to be connected to various types of dock that fits the ipad2.

ipad 2 screen has the same size and resolution as well with the first-generation iPad, which is 9, 7 inches and a resolution of 768x1024 pixels. This apple tablet using capacitive touch screen TFT with a depth of 16 million colors, the picture is very charming good time viewing videos or reading a book.

Note :
same like the other apple product, this tablet does not have an external memory card.
Features :
one subject who owned ipad ipad 2 but it does not have the features of the camera. apple has provided two cameras on their tablets. something capable VGA camera facing the front of the camera as well as 0. 7 Mpix on the back for taking photos and recording video. but can be called a very poor camera features, no options that we usually get like brightness, autofocus and so on. but the result is very good zoom camera, the picture has not broken even in the zoom very close. ipad 2 can record 720p video at 30fps. it's just a tablet camera can only produce images with a resolution of 960x720 pixels. photobooth for self portrait feature is very fun to use the photos.

ipad 2 that we test today is kind of wifi, then only one network that can be passed only wifi network. but you can also specify the type of wifi + 3g is also fitted with a sim card for access to the 3g network or wifi. to connect to wifi ipad 2 is very easy to use, the device can immediately detect if there is a wifi network most closely and immediately attempt to connect to the network.

as well as iphone, music player features in apple ipad 2 is named as ipod, mp3 player according to their gadgets. interface design in ipad ipod itunes resembles the desktop version. despite not having a tone control equalizer but incurred the audio quality is very excellent. if pingin see video of the internet had in store ipad 2 youtube feature that has been integrated with a database of video sharing sites with the same name.

Note :
users can connect itunes to download feature films, music, and podcasts. appstore feature can be used to download a variety of applications. 2nd feature has a free or paid content.
Performance :
ipad 2 performance in the 900 mhz processor support dual-core arm cortex-a9 proccessor, PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, Apple A5 chipset and ios 4 operating system makes access to a variety of features that are felt quickly. multitaskingnya strength is also very good. ipad 2 using li-po battery with 6930 mah power up the tablet battery life is pretty strong. ipad 2 battery can work all 10 hours with a standby time of 720 hours.

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