Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II Guide User Manual

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Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II 
Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II User Manual Guide
Design :
Last year Samsung managed to put out the market with extraordinary contrivance, Galaxy note N7000. With category sizes square measure nice for smartphones, plus a 5.3-inch screen, creating the title of a replacement category of contrivance Peranakan Smartphone and pill, the phablet. Has currently emerged subsequent generation Galaxy Note N7000, N7100 series is that the Galaxy Note II. This phablet has dimensions slightly larger than its forerunner, that is 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 metric linear unit and weighs 183 grams. Size and weight square measure slightly larger as a consequence of achieving five.5-inch screen.

Carrying the Galaxy Note II screen Super AMOLED electrical phenomenon sort with a depth of sixteen million colours. Screen incorporates a resolution of 720x1280 pixels 267 ppi pixels density. regarding the density of pixels, the Galaxy Note N7000 turns at the next level with 285 ppi. because the high smartphones, the screen is provided with scratch-resistant great ape glass technology a pair of. Interface into its own characteristics of every contrivance Samsung, and seen clearly TouchWiz Galaxy Note II is clone of the one within the Galaxy S III. One issue is sort of spectacular, the adoption of golem four.1 (Jelly Bean) provides a replacement feel to the interface., and there square measure seven pages homescreen that you just will customise for your favorite stuffed widgets.

Menelusiri detail on the front aspect, on the highest of the screen there's a secondary optical lens, the phone hole, LED light, and a proximity detector. whereas there square measure physical buttons below the screen to the rear flanked by 2 touchpad for back and menu. Galaxy Note II doesn't carry the unibody style, as a results of the rear cowl is opened for input small MicroSD and SIM card slot. Back aspect cowl as forever there's the most optical lens, flash lightweight and speaker. though fairly wide crosswise of the rear cowl, however cowl the total field sufficiently firmly grasped. To position three.5 metric linear unit audio jack square measure on the highest aspect. whereas there's a religious service positions d small USB port, a constitutional stylus pen and therefore the electro-acoustic transducer hole. For volume management buttons set on the proper aspect, and on the left aspect there's a button on / off - lock screen.

Note :
Location of the S-Pen continues to be a similar, that within the bottom right corner. Size S Pen is longer, thicker and a lot of compressed than the S Pen on Galaxy Note N7000.

Features :
The main camera Galaxy Note II depends resolution eight MP camera (3264x2448 pixels) and a secondary camera with a resolution of one.9 MP. Arguably camera incorporates a high enough commonplace menu, like a flash lightweight, auto focus, macro mode, face detection, best faces, best photo, panorama, multishot, share shot, HDR (high definition range), smile shot, timer, effects, white balance, anti-shake, GPS geo tagging, and plenty of a lot of. there's a replacement name, the most effective faces, this menu is extremely helpful for taking cluster photos. With Best Faces, the camera will take multiple photos directly.

To record the video than commonplace 1080p mode with thirty Federal Protective Service, no flick mode and quick Motion. flick video is caught up to 8x, however the resolution is born to 720x480 pixels. Samsung additionally complete your application for artistic video editors on the video. The video player is additionally tiptop quality, innumerable high finish menu that may spoil the user, the video is viewed by fingernail, list and folders. meantime there square measure options like chapter preview, trim, buddy tags, video car off, play speed, sound alive, color tone and out of doors. There crop up Play feature, this feature permits users WHO square measure looking at the video to shrink the video screen that enables you to try and do alternative activities along.

For the music player, the show interface additionally appearance smart, the menu includes all classes, playlists, albums, artists, music sq., and folders. concerning the music sq., this feature music split by variety of tone, passionate, exciting, calm or joyful. Music whereas supporting existing applications Sound Alive, that includes lyrics of the song, modification the speed of the music player and music player car off when a precise amount of your time. Galaxy Note II additionally comes with associate FM radio telephone receiver as associate antenna affiliation. Channel list will record dynamically and there's a menu to record radio broadcasts.

With a quad-core processor would bring a positive impact on its various, one in every of that is that the default browser. In trials mistreatment mobile broadband services from Axis professional Unlimited card will open up to ten tabs in sixty seconds. There square measure extra options concealed browser that enables you to browse while not going traces like history, cookies, passwords, then forth, the Brightness setting, Print and but offline reading. after all these options may well be associate possibility for those that want privacy. Performance of the browser is extremely swish, doesn't feel lag once scrolling and pinch zooming.

Note :
Although staying as a high finish contrivance, the Galaxy Note II sadly not equipped workplace applications like alternative smartphone Galaxy. however the Samsung Republic of Indonesia aforementioned that the remains square measure document viewer, alias will solely open / scan existing documents. however in no way tough to induce the workplace applications, in Google play plenty of choices on the market.

Performance :
With the support of quad-core one.6 GHz Cortex A9 Exynos 4412 Quad chipset makes this contrivance quite excellent performance. regarding the speed of thought is extremely satisfactory, although the screen is driven by the ability of Mali-400MP GPU. because the flagship feature is that the S Pen, is currently a lot of planar  form and longer, Samsung aforementioned that the new stylus is a lot of sensitive than the recent. you'll draw or color with four forms of input: Pen, Brush, Pencil and Stabilo. additionally there square measure terribly several color selections moreover because the choice to add a picture either from the gallery, camera, clip art, writing board or folder.

Galaxy Note II isn't equipped with associate HDMI port, however HDMI chipset has brought on the go, that means you'll hook up with it via the adapter. apart from that, this subtle phablet additionally able to feature NFC (near field communication). In general, the Galaxy Note II internal memory versions offered in 16/32 and sixty four GB. except for the version sold-out in Republic of Indonesia square measure the Galaxy Note II with sixteen GB of internal memory. In overseas Galaxy Note II there's additionally a feature of LTE (long term evolution), except for this version has not been marketed in Republic of Indonesia, maybe awaiting the readiness of LTE operators roll out initial.

Galaxy Note II carry the kind atomic number 3 particle battery with a capability of three,100 mAh. Standby time which might be achieved is 980 hours on 2G and 890 hours on 3G networks. whereas speaking time of thirty five hours on 2G network and sixteen hours on 3G networks.

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