Acer beTouch E210 Guide User Manual

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Acer beTouch E210
Acer beTouch E210
Acer beTouch E210 Guide User Manual
Design :
beTouch E210 could be a bar qwerty smartphone merchandiser genus Acer created. glimpse E210 style fractional cash with blackberry. This smartphone measures 116x63x12 millimeter and consideration 110 grams, the compact and simple to hold anyplace. this can be not solely the primary time making an attempt to integrate genus Acer robot platform with typewriter keyboard, originally E130 models conjointly use constant pattern. typewriting with the E210 could be a pleasant expertise, with massive buttons that conjointly produce, relieve the squeeze time users.

Shortcomings of this phone is that the keyboard that's too broad afterward took his share of the touchscreen show. the accuracy of the choke button on need is fairly tough owing to the little menu icon that seems on the screen. sensitivity resistive bit screen mounted E210 but the utmost, owing to the resistive technology can't deal with more and {more} more pressure to at least one purpose in unison, gave E210 doesn't support multi-touch systems, like pinch to zoom.

Note :
Phone comes hot swap is behind the rear cowl.

Features :
Surfing the web is so the prevalence of smartphones supported robot. E210 actually use the system default browser robot unbelievable. putting in place e-mail accounts mistreatment robot devices terribly simply, particularly once mistreatment gmail. preferences for association, this phone has been connected to the network HSDPA / HSUPA at 900/2100 Mc or 850/1900 Mc or wireless local area network.

The E210 is supplied with a microSD card 2gb one thing for all the storage of music, photos and video. 3-megapixel camera is capable of, however absent flash and optical device options, the results of traditional camera, not too sensible, however conjointly not dangerous-very bad. genus Acer don't forget to allow strength to strength best video recorder 720x480 pixels.

Note :
E210 conjointly comes the robot market, bluetooth, gps, g-sensor and compass like different robot devices.

Performance :
Use robot v, 2. 2 (Froyo) and a processor that's not too high (600 mhz), genus Acer beTouch E210 encompasses a heap of shortcomings, however we have a tendency to even have to know along with his costs ar low-cost for robot smartphone size. rescue this phone could be a typewriter keyboard that role very well. lithium-ion battery 1300 mah used here.

Acer beTouch E210 Guide User Manual : Manual Pdf

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Acer beTouch E210 Guide User Manual :

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