Acer Cloudmobile s500 Guide User Manual

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Acer Cloudmobile s500
Acer Cloudmobile s500
Acer Cloudmobile s500 Guide User Manual
Design :
Acer s500 mobile cloud take style like several alternative touch screen smartphones. existing structures on the rear cowl encompasses a plastic material. This definitely to scale back the slippery feeling once gripped. the higher and lower body arched up doesn't appear contrived "box" to transfer a dynamic style. this is often so an indicator of style vogue dicot genus.

Equipped with a sixteen million color TFT screen resolution of 1280x720 pixels, creating appearance} of the touch screen looks therefore sharp. and the electrical phenomenon sort bit screen, ample sized (4. 3 inches). invisible bit panel or buttons on the screen less. whole will be opened by touching a virtual button on the screen.

Look to the left of the body, there ar volume buttons ar connected higher than and below. moment there's a microUSB port on the left. jack and also the power button three. 5mm higher than the prevailing body. touch the rear aspect there's a rear camera with 8 Mpix quality.

Note :
MicroSIM slot and microSD slot is hidden behind the case. has brought hotswap.

Features :
As the name implies, dicot genus s500 cloudmobile definitely puts AcerCloud service free as a point. AcerCloud will mechanically synchronize and share knowledge on a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. capability is sort of giant for the dimensions of the cloud service. however have to be compelled to keep in mind that this is often not simply a storage service, then {we will|we will|we are able to} not be too long to place the information in there's as a result of the system can mechanically delete them when a selected fundamental quantity.

Major 8 Mpix camera is high, among a reasonably bright flash. not solely touch shutter, in fact, will use the amount buttons to require an image. displacement within the exposure and video modes will be done from the touch icons within the window. dicot genus give extra settings like landscape, hdr, low light, geotagging, color effects, additionally as continuous. however the very best resolution on the 1080p video, to play music, there ar 2 default applications that may be used, ie, music additionally as play music. setting in music is extremely easy, there ar solely shuffle and repeat. particularly within the additional merely play music, there is solely shuffle. the prevailing video player screen quantitative relation, brightness, till SmartShare. SmartShare profit is to show transmission content on good tv.

Acer incorporated most common applications, dicot genus like print that is extremely probably the user to feature or set the printer affiliation. dicot genus web site print is additionally integrated with the browser, people, e-mail, gallery and workplace lodestar. besides that, there also are equiview and media server to scan every air-wifi devices on additional or less additionally on build this smartphone as a "server" storage and sharing with alternative devices.

Besides that, there's a barcode scanner, hd channel on youtube for video reviews, show studio to make your own show of exposure or video. has had feature NFC (near field communication) and conjointly dlna.

Note :
There's solely social network facebook. once pingin give, will transfer numerous applications and games on google play. dicot genus doesn't have its own on-line application store.

Performance :
For the category of two-core smartphone, dicot genus s500 cloudmobile qualified enough to maneuver a range of rigorous applications. particularly due to the presence of golem 4. 0. 4 frozen dessert sandwiches and processor with clockspeed. 5GHz from Qualcomm, the smartphone will work optimally. there's an enclosed storage capability of up to 8GB which might contain a range of files and applications, and 1gb of ram. don't be stunned if the speed dicot genus s500 mobile cloud will walk swimmingly, while not halting. os frozen dessert sandwich during this smartphone conjointly give five homescreen that may be stuffed shortcuts, widgets and folders.

Unfortunately, battery capability isn't too massive for a smartphone with a large number of options. resistance cannot last all day, as a result of the supply solely 1460mah.

Acer Cloudmobile s500 Guide User Manual : Manual Pdf

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