Polytron Party User Manual Guide

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Polytron Party User Manual Guide - Party Polytron is a Smartphone with a touch screen that supports dual GSM networks and can be active simultaneously. Frequency will thus assist us in better communicating the affairs of using SIM 1 and SIM 2.

Polytron Party User Manual Guide

Polytron Party User Manual Guide

Polytron Party

Polytron Party features a touchscreen display, also equipped with a VGA camera. Although only a VGA camera, but it was enough that used to take photos and important moments.

This Smartphone works entirely using Touchscreen. Both in the writing and the use of applications on it. LCD touchscreen of 2.8 inches to be the main support in the performance of the mobile phone. With a screen that is elegant and screen size bilsa be fairly broad.

Polytron Party uses exciting features for comfort membierkan As the analog TV, MP3/MP4 player, and FM radio can be used to vote in the state of quiet comfort. Because in this mobile phone supports voice fairly smooth and clear.

The most interesting feature of this Party Hp Polytron have the magic feature wireless speaker or speakers without wires. The speaker can function to listen to a song without using cables. Also on the back there is a VGA camera that was lodged there.

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Polytron Party User Manual Guide :

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