Mito A800 User Manual Guide

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Mito A800 User Manual Guide

Mito A800

Mito A800 User Manual Guide - Mito A800 is smartpone android local producers that Mito Mobile released in April 2013 . This mobile phone offers dual capability, because in it there are two GSM sim card slots that can be active simultaneously. Mito A800 comes with a dual core processor with 1 GHz speed, also the screen size is quite large, which is on top of four inches.

Mito A800 screen size is four inches wide at the top, which is 4.6 inches, so that users can more freely in navigating menu android menu. The screen resolution is high at 854 x 480 piksel. With existence of two GSM sim card slot, so that could be to activate two cards at once.

Mito A800 supports 3G HSDPA network that offers fast Internet access in areas that support 3G. But if it was not in a 3G area, users can stay connected via GPRS or EDGE network is also provided in this phone.

Mito A800 has a microSD external storage slot, so that users can easily add storage capacity up to 32 GB. Mito A800 also features a wifi hotspot, so in addition to access to the internet via wifi, users also can share the internet connection with other devices that have wifi.

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Mito A800 User Manual Guide : Manual Pdf

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Mito A800 User Manual Guide :

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