Mito A95 User Manual Guide

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Mito A95 User Manual Guide

Mito A95

Mito A95 User Manual Guide - Mito A95 is one of the latest android smartphones made ​​in the local mobile phone manufacturers which MitoMobile. 5 inch screen smartphone was first introduced in July 2013, and officially released on September 2013

Specifications can be said that it offers in the category of upper middle. Mito A95 has adopted a four core processor or a quad core processor speed of 1.2 GHz, thus offering fast processing. Mito A95 is also equipped with 1 Gb ram so it offers convenient multitasking.

Mito A95 supports 3G HSDPA network which offers internet access in areas that support 3G, GPRS and EDGE features then also remain available so for those outside 3G areas can remain connected to the internet. With the two GSM sim card slot, which can be activated simultaneously, or known dual GSM.

Section Mito A95 screen size is 5 inches wide, with an area the size it is very flexible in that users can navigate the screen, typing, watching a video or playing a game. screen uses capacitive touch screen IPS technology Dragon Trail so as to display more realistic images and a wide viewing angle and has a high enough resolution is 1280 × 720 pixels HD.

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Mito A95 User Manual Guide : Download Pdf

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Mito A95 User Manual Guide :

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